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Although, the technical, administrative, and financial aspects of setting up a business in the UAE might seem challenging. But, with the right help the process can be more straightforward and affordable than you might even think. Instaco provides just that type of support, and it's what has led us to become the leading company setup specialists in Dubai and the UAE.
We are your well wishers who help startups, small businesses or simply an individual requiring his/her own trade license. With Instaco you won't have to lose even a night's sleep worrying about the red tape involved with the UAE free zone and mainland company setup process and the reason behind is that we do all the heavy lifting for you!
Business Setup
Dubai Mainland
Any company whose trade/ services are majorly inside UAE would prefer to open a Mainland company. UAE being a HUB for businessmen all over the world, generally prefer to open company here for – business friendly policies, worlds best infrastructure facilities to name few reasons.
Features of a Dubai Mainland Company
3 Types of Mainland Companies in Dubai
There are certain features that make mainland company Dubai attractive for the investors. These features are tax incentives and the freedom to trade. Let’s look at some other features.
There are three types of Mainland company information in Dubai that investors can choose from:
In this every stakeholder is liable according to the percentage of the shares he or she holds in the company. The number of partners can be anywhere between the range of 2 to 50.
Here, the owners retain 100% ownership of the company’s shares. This, however, does not mean that the local sponsor requirement is waived off. The requirement still holds and a professional Mainland company cannot be setup without one.
Investors who are interested in setting up a branch of a pre-established business can use this type of company formation. For the business activities of this branch, however, the business rules and regulations of Dubai will be applied.
Limited Liability Company:
Professional Mainland Company:
Branch office:
• Mainland companies are free from the burden
of corporate tax completely.
• No capital and no mandatory audit requirement.
• Obtaining a license for a Mainland company
formation in Dubai is easy.
• The business can be controlled from all parts of the UAE.
• There are no legal restrictions on currency being used.
• Visa & Corporate bank accounts can be obtained easily.
• 100% repatriation of capital and profit is possible.
• The business office can be located anywhere in Dubai.
Companies owned by GCC nationals – This license are specifically applicable for GCC nationals only. UAE sponsor is not required for this license.
- Mobile phones & accessories trading
- Building material, cleaning and safety equipment trading
- Oil & gas, chemicals trading
- Automobiles, spare parts trading
Gold & precious metals trading
A Commercial License is required
n the UAE for businesses involved
n trading and supplying of goods such as:
- Computer, IT infrastructure consultancies
- Insurance, tax, legal consultancies
- Marketing consultancies, public relations management
- Auditing & accounting
- Waste management & recycling consultancy
A Professional License is required in the UAE for individuals or business groups that deliver expertise as a service to the public such as:
- Garments, uniforms manufacturing
- Meat, dairy products manufacturing
- Animal & birds feed manufacturing, fishing net making
- Pastry & sweets manufacturing, mineral water bottling
- Fabrics & textiles embroidery, carpets manufacturing
An Industrial license is required
in the UAE for manufacturing
or other types of industrial activities such as:
Branch/ Representative of Foreign company – This license applies to those who wish to start their branch/ rep office of their parent country. This license requires approval from Ministry of Economy. Branch companies are allowed to do activities same as their parent company while representative company can only market products of their parent company.
There are various advantages in opening a Dubai Mainland company.
Few of them are as below:
No limit on number of employees recruitment for Mainland Business
Being operating from mainland, company can be awarded government and semi government projects directly
The registration process for Dubai Mainland is simple and hussle-free
We at Instaco UAE, provide one stop solution
for setting up Dubai Mainland Company
Through us the process for company formation will be quick and hassle free
We are a team of professionals possessing in depth knowledge of UAE government rules and regulations
We understand your requirement and will advise the activity which will suit your business requirement
We are authorized by respective authorities to act as agent on your behalf and complete all the process for company formation — Mainland in Dubai and all over UAE. Apart from Mainland we also assist for PRO services
Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest of the 7 emirates, occupying more than 80% of the country's total land. Also to add, there are several free zones in Abu Dhabi, which offers a favorable environment for business setup in the Emirates and provide a gateway for foreign investors to tap its full potential. Instaco covers free zones as well and helps you in the recruitment process as well.
Excellent communication and infrastructure:
Abu Dhabi free zones have the most updated communication systems with impeccable infrastructure which aids our Clients to enjoy it in a cost-efficient manner. Smooth labor recruitment:
Free zone companies conduct labor recruitment easily and in a budget friendly manner.
Generally, businesses that can set up in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone broadly fall under the following categories i.e. non-exhaustive:-

Aviation, Aerospace, Aircraft interiors and Airport services, and aircraft charter. Import and export. In-flight catering and flight support service.
The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)
is situated in the Emirate of Dubai.
With a range of benefits to offer, it is all set to become a leading, state-of-the-art investment hub that is sure to help the UAE economy thrive further.
The free zone is strategically located to offer easy access to the booming markets.
The advantages of setting up a free zone company here include streamlined procedures and open access to major shipping routes and ports.
IFZA emerges as one of the most reliable and cheapest free zones in Dubai, UAE. The jurisdiction is known for offering packages tailored to suit the needs of anyone looking for competitive pricing to set up a Dubai free zone company. Besides the pricing aspect, IFZA provides Dubai free zone company formation of the highest standard. Additionally, IFZA offers flexible workspace options in the form of desks, private offices, and office suites.
IFZA can easily be considered the ideal location for businesses to establish their presence in the UAE market. IFZA offers the lowest prices, easy-to-follow procedures and minimum requirements to investors who wish to establish their business in the UAE.
Why Choose IFZA to set up a Dubai Free Zone Company?
The Benefits of Establishing
Your Business In IFZA
Other benefits of Dubai Free Zone Company Formation with IFZA
Most cost-effective business set-up options in the UAE.
Wide range of commercial, services and trading activities available.
Shareholders are not required to be physically present in the UAE for IFZA company formation.
IFZA free zone companies have limited liability
100% repatriation of capital and profits
100% foreign ownership allowed
0% corporate or personal income tax
No minimum paid up capital requirement
Quick company formation process
Various visa and non-visa packages available
Two third of the world’s population is easily accessible by flight routes
You can cater to a population of 9.8 million
IFZA companies can do business with free zone and mainland companies
IFZA companies can also operate outside of UAE
IFZA does not require a no objection certificate from your employer
Professional, commercial and industrial activities can be combined under one IFZA License
Meydan Free Zone
The Meydan Free Zone (“Meydan FZ”) is situated in a strategic location in the Emirate of Dubai. With its flourishing, centrally located economic community, Meydan FZ offers entrepreneurs with a multitude of opportunities to expand their business internationally.
Meydan FZ is determined to “create an enabling environment for success” for businesses of all scale and sizes looking to shift and grow in the commercially dynamic city of Dubai. The list of benefits that this Free Zone offers is on par with the best Free Zones in the UAE.
Meydan FZ offers economical pricing packages, simple formation procedures and minimum requirements for entrepreneurs who wish to set up a company in the UAE. Due to its central location in Dubai, Meydan FZ is definitely considered to be an ideal location for entrepreneurs to enter the UAE business market and expand their businesses internationally.
The Benefits of Establishing Your
Business in Meydan Free Zone
The benefits of a Meydan FZ company formation do not stop there! They also include:
100% foreign ownership.
100% repatriation of capital and profits.
0% corporate or personal income tax.
0% import or re-export duties.
No minimum paid up capital requirement.
Company documents issued within a day after getting the security and government approvals.
Office facilities open round the clock.
Companies are privy to exclusive specials on food and beverage facilities such as the fully equipped Business Centre, and luxurious hotel accommodations at the 5-star Meydan Hotel.
Easy bank account set up.
More than 1500 business activities to choose from.
Engage in businesses outside of UAE.
Safe and regulated business environment.
Shareholders are not required to be physically present in the UAE for Meydan FZ company formation.
Various visa and non-visa packages available.
World class vibrant community.
Just 15 minutes from the Dubai International Airport.
Sharjah Publishing City
Established in 2017, Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone is located in the Al Zahia area of Sharjah. Its proximity to trade ports makes it one of the fastest growing free zones in Sharjah. The dual license issued by SPC Free Zone has been the main attraction to investors. With this license, your company can operate in both the free zone and the mainland.
SPC Free Zone offers best-in-class office spaces, warehouses, and co-working spaces along with other benefits. Apart from the flagship media and publishing activities, this free zone permits various other business activities including e-commerce, jewellery manufacturing, and trading activities.
The Benefits of Establishing Your Company at Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone Include:
1500+ business activities to choose from
Trade license with a duration of up to 10 years
Provision to combine business activities from different sectors in your license
Dual license to set up a company in free zone and mainland of Sharjah
Located near Sharjah and Dubai airports
Company incorporation within three to five (3-5) working days
No requirement of NOC submission
Sharjah’s strategic location with easy access to ports on 2 different coastlines
Affordable fee for Sharjah free zone company formation
On-site immigration services
World-class infrastructure
Variety of office spaces to choose from
Sharjah Media City
Sharjah Media City (Shams) is a free zone that is around since the year 2017 and is rapidly growing. Shams is a leading hub for companies providing media services. In fact, Shams has designed and centred the operation of its free zone to facilitate the growth of media and creative companies.
Shams not only allows incorporation of companies in media and creative space but provides an entire ecosystem for such companies to grow. This is done by allowing incorporation of companies whose businesses aid and assist the operation of the media and creative businesses. This give and take relationship helps each company of the Shams free zone to flourish and prosper.
Shams is also a very competitively priced free zone. In fact, it is one of the few free zones that are both easily affordable and renowned at the same time. There are various benefits of incorporating a company with Shams free zone. Some of them are listed below:
Low cost for setting up a company.
Quick registration.
Do various business activities on a single license.
Shams is located in a tax-free jurisdiction.
Zero corporate tax.
Zero personal tax.
The entire capital and profits can be repatriated.
100% foreign ownership is permissible.
Hassle free and streamlined procedures.
Shams hosts regular workshops and business community sessions for its companies to gain more exposure.
Shareholders are not required to be physically present in the UAE to incorporate a new company.
Free training sessions.
Free space at exhibitions such as GITEX Expo and Seamless Middle East.
Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE Jurisdictions Any legal entity established with the purpose of making profit, outside the country of residence is an offshore company. Such a company is often formed in a tax-free haven or an offshore financial center and is also known as International Business Company (IBC) or Non-Resident Company (NRC).
Being a Non-Resident Company means that shareholders do not get visas and there is no physical office for offshore companies in the UAE. Furthermore, Dubai offshore companies are not issued an operating license which means they cannot conduct manufacturing, trading or professional services in the UAE. They are often incorporated for the purpose of managing offshore wealth, mutual funds, properties, hotels etc. They are only granted certificate of incorporation. Please contact us for more information
Benefits of Offshore Company Formation Dubai, UAE
Unlike other tax-free havens of the world, UAE offers a trustworthy and reliable structure to offshore companies because it is an independent country with a glorious record for promoting a rich, flourishing culture for international trade, investment, and business.

Continuing with its zero-tax policy and other forms of duty exemptions UAE is considered as a very attractive destination for prospective investors wanting to establish offshore companies here. Investors can live, invest, run businesses and manage their offshore companies by being here in UAE.UAE does not have any agreement with any country which makes it binding upon UAE to share or exchange business related information with other governments.

Furthermore, UAE has a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with a number
of countries which ensures that a company’s products will not become less competitive by getting taxed twice.
Zero or low taxes.
100% foreign ownership with no involvement
or sharing with a local UAE citizen.
Duty free environment.
Uninterrupted repatriation of profits and proceeds.
Highest standards of secrecy and privacy.
Making transactions with other businesses.
Virtual office facility, no physical space is required for the incorporation of an offshore company.
No audit is required for offshore company in Dubai.
Zero or low capital requirement and less maintenance and management costs.
Incorporation and registration can be done as quickly as within 3 days.
Can open corporate bank accounts and hold multiple currencies.
No restrictions in the number of directors. Even the shareholder himself is enough if he is capable to run all the business operations across the country.
Advanced UAE infrastructure and supreme privileges
Why incorporate an Offshore Company in UAE?
Bank Account
Opening Assistance
Corporate current account is a necessity of the business . We at Instaco will guide & assist our clients to get company account opened in fastest way through our expert advisor in same field. Our guidance will help our clients to overcome hurdles which might come in the smooth processing.
Dependent Visa
Both, employers and employees with a valid UAE residence visa can sponsor residence visas for their families. Contact us for more information.
Golden visa
Golden Visa is a program designed to attract foreign capital and business people. This is done by providing the right of residence and citizenship in return. Golden Visa usually has multiple criteria that must be fulfilled for the investment to qualify, often pertaining to job creation, purchasing of real estate, non-refundable contributions or specific targeted industries. Instaco helps its clients by advising them the right information which would be beneficial for them in future. Also, to add Instaco has tie ups with other tax free countries as well if one is interested in getting a Golden Visa.
Office Space
As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, UAE has transformed itself into a thriving hub for global business in just a few decades. It is now an attractive option for businesses and investors with diverse range of offices to work and homes to live in.Instaco helps small trading companies to set up virtual work space, Flexi desks, or office is business centers at a very reasonable price.
Second Citizenship
We provide assistance to clients around the world looking to relocate, seeking a different lifestyle, better healthcare and education for families and children or simply to diversify their business into different regions all whilst obtaining new residency and citizenship.
Trade Mark Registration
Protect your Brand. Contact us for more information
VAT Registration
Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at each point of sale. VAT is a form of indirect tax and is levied in more than 180 countries around the world. Instaco helps in filing and registration process for companies as it's one of the initial step to start a career in UAE.
VIP Medical & Emirates ID
To apply for your visa and emirates ID, getting your medical test done in the UAE is mandatory. For this, there is paperwork, appointment, etc. involved. We offer the “VIP medical service” where we assist you from start to finish. From taking care of all the paperwork to getting your appointment. From providing a pickup & drop service for you and your passport while escorting you all along – we do it all. Utilizing this service, not only makes
the procedure seamless for you, but it also expedites it to a great extent.
Refer A Friend
Introducing our referral rewards program — allowing you to enjoy cash rewards for referring your friends, family, and colleagues to Instaco.
If you know anyone wanting to start their own business, please contact us at and lets get started.
More than 65% of our business comes directly from referrals. As a ‘thank you’ we are giving away a cash reward up to AED 2,500* for every successful business setup done through us.
Contact us for more information
Dubai Freezone License with free visa for LIFE
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Instaco provides flexible services for company formation, which suits entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. They have a very professional and friendly team which makes the whole process much simpler. Working with Instaco has been fantastic and they have our highest praise and recommendation.
Great service. Instaco helped us set up our company in Dubai and they’ve been excellent. All questions and concerns were answered immediately and they were available at any hour of the day to answer the questions.
I want to give a special thanks to Mr Dipak Prajapati for personally looking at our set up and giving the best experience.
Dipak & Team really do what they promise. Their quote is competent with no hidden prices. To top it all they are externally responsive even at odd hours. I will recommend this team and company for anyone looking for great service. The best Business set up company I have felt with. Keep it up.
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