Frequent Ask Questions


1) Can I setup business with 100% ownership in mainland ?

Yes , as per new guideline effective from 01 June 2021 – all the expats irrespestively of their nationality can be 100 % owner of the company .

2) What is the initial business setupprocess in Dubai?

Initial process can be divided into 3 parts

  • Initial approval process start with trade name reservation and activity approval.
  • Initial approval process start with trade name reservation and activity approval.
  • Second step ensuring all legal requirements are met by the investor. This includes authentication of the investor’s identification and all financial matters involved in the establishment of the business.
  • Issuing of trade license and investor visa .

3) Tax rules in Dubai ?

In most cases Dubai is completely tax-free.

4) How much time it will take to complete the company formation process rules in Dubai ?

Normally it take 4-5 days or it can go up to 3 weeks to complete the process dependingon the company type and structure. Company registration is the initial process of which is a matter of gathering all documentation.

5) Do the documents required for business set up need to be notarized?

Some documents required for the company registration andfor issuance residency visa need to be attested by the UAE embassy or consulate in the country of document origin. Further branch of foreign company may required addition notarization from Ministry of foreign affairs.

6) What are advantages of doing business in Dubai ?

  • Dubai is a trading hub with good connectivity with Middle east – Africa and Asia .
  • Dubai is a tax free country with no income tax .
  • Easy and friendly business environment.
  • Safety and security for all business and people .

7) Is mandatory to have physical office in Dubai to do business ?

Company can be formed with virtual office or flexi desk most of the freezone provide this kind of office .For mainland business there are virtual offices available at minimum costs.

8) What are the documents required to start the business in Dubai ?

Most of the company type mainly required Passport copy and entry visit or residence visa copy .