Retail Business in Dubai

Published on 17/03/21.

Mainland license is mainly used jurisdiction in UAE to setup a Business. Dubai Mainland is one of the most preferred and dream destinations of most Retailers around the world. The size of the UAE retails business is expected to grow by 75 billion USD by 2025 from the current size of 55 billion USD. The reasons for such exponent growth are many growing tourism, increasing capita income, an increasing number of expatriate population, shopping Malls, Dubai shopping festival, GITEX shopping, most friendly environment for tourist and most important upcoming EXPO 2020 This is the reason people like to get a business license in Dubai.

Types of Retail Business:

Dubai retail covers a wide range of activities like clothing & fashion boutique, restaurants & food chains, electronics showrooms, expensive watch showrooms, Discount centers & hypermarkets, Jewelry showroom, Exclusive Stores, etc and the list goes on.

Advantages for Retail Business in UAE:

  • A dream destination for travelers & Shoppers.
  • Dubai is home to 200+ nationality who lives or have a business in UAE.
  • Demographic advantage as a connecting point for the Middle East – Africa – Asia.
  • No restriction on sourcing inventories.
  • Friendly environments for Entry & Exist Business and well-managed connectivity of transportation.
  • And finally Safety and Security for all.

Procedure to Set up a Retail Business in Dubai:

  • Choose a location.
  • Select Type of Business activity & Trade Name.
  • Take a UAE national Sponsor ( This does NOT apply for frees zone companies ).
  • Obtain Commercial License.

Benefits of Doing a Business in Dubai:

  • No restriction on repatriation of profits:
    Dubai is one of the few countries which allow 100% repatriation of business profit. Many countries local law make compulsory to retain some profit in their country. But in UAE, no such requirement or LAW exists which makes Dubai one of the top destination for business and investments.
  • Business friendly environments to start the Business:
    One of important and main concern of Businessmen is how the Entry & Exits Law for the business is. Dubai has best business setup friendly rules both Entry & Exits for the Business. It has one stop process for all starting, Selling, Takeover & Merger of Companies.
  • Trading Hub for Middle East – Africa & Africa:
    Due to its geographical location, Ports & Excellent Flight connectivity with the World - Dubai has become a trading hub for Asian, African & Middle East. In Dubai, you will find all kinds of trader from around these places that are here to buy or sell something. This unique advantage has made all big traders to make Dubai have its Hub so they can trade easily.
  • Excellent Infrastructure for all:
    A Nation's growth is decided by its infrastructure development. And in Dubai Government have created an excellent infrastructure of connectivity like for Roads, Ports, Airports, Warehouses, Hospitals, Metro trains, Electricity & water supply, Internet & Telecommunication etc. This infrastructure has contributed for the overall development of the Country.
  • Safety & Security for All:
    UAE is known for its Safety and Security not only for its residents but also for tourists & Business. These have made Business to flourish in all segments. One of the main concern of entrepreneurs are always " how safe is my investments ". Dubai is the safest place for entrepreneurs to do business and flourish. You can start a company in Dubai because of its safest environment and a room for growth.

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