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Dubai Mainland:

Once the investor decides to do company formation in Dubai mainland, UAE, he invariably decides to open Mainland Company in Dubai. There are various reasons why Dubai is considered a top investment priority for investors. There are various reasons that professionals consider business set up in Dubai as reliable, comfortable and profitable. Primary reasons being – Superior infrastructure, policies which are user friendly to name a few. For Dubai Mainland, the Department of Economic development (DED) is the license issuing authority.

Once an investor decides to set up a business in Dubai, the next step is going ahead with the mainland or free zone. This decision depends on the nature of business of the investor. If his business is primarily inside the UAE then the investor has to go ahead with opening a Dubai Mainland. If the company business is confined inside the UAE, then naturally the company will be opened in the Mainland. In case their supplier / client base is located primarily outside UAE then opening a free zone company will be the best option.

Information Technology License service:

With the booming IT business in UAE, Dubai is the most preferred investment destination for entrepreneurs from all over the world. There are various IT companies who have invested/ opened their branches in the UAE. Undoubtedly Dubai is their destination. Some of the leading IT companies running successfully in Dubai are – Cyber Infrastructure Inc, Sinform, The Nine Hertz, Attract Group, E- Vision, Xicom Technologies, KPIS Pvt Ltd, Digital Hub Solution, Innovify, Planster Technologies to name a few.

The market size of IT services companies in UAE is approx $50 billion and it is expected to increase in the coming years.

Information Technology Services in UAE can be classified as per below types:

  • Multi National blue chip companies who open their UAE branch/ representative office.
  • IT consultancy firms who have a separate IT Unit.
  • IT firms falling under SME, operating in specific divisions or services.

IT Services companies provide support, monitor servers, develop applications, provide security, recovery and backup services.

Activities falling under IT services in Dubai Mainland:

Being into the services industry, which means providing services only, IT services licenses fall under the professional services category including business license in Dubai. They sell/ render their services only. Below are the activities which in Dubai Mainland which fall under Information Technology group of Professional license:

  • Information Technology Services
  • Computer system housing services
  • Cloud Services via data centre providers
  • Blogging services
  • Marketing services via social media
  • Data Entry Services
  • Cyber Risk Management services
  • Internet Services
  • Data centre colocation services
  • Therapeutic Services Brokerage Via Electronic Media
  • Managed Cyber Security Services Provider
  • Data Classification & Analysis Services
  • Online Gaming services
  • Education & Training Computer Software
  • Software Design

All the above activities do not require any external approval; hence investors can choose normal license (or) Instant license. Here the investor has the option of renting an office under sustainability desk (or) renting a normal office under normal license process.

Licensing process for IT Services:

Documents required:

  • Valid Passport copy of partner/ Partners & Valid UAE National sponsor.
  • Existing Valid visa copy of expat partner & Valid Emirates ID Copy of Expat Partner (or) visit visa copy of expat partner & UID number.
  • EJARI copy of rented office (or) rental agreement for sustainability desk.

Out of the 15 activities in the Information Technology group, investors can add up to 5 or 6 activities under the same license (approved by DED) as long as all the activities fall under a similar nature of business. Upon investors' request to add the activities under the same license, it will be reviewed by DED officials and approved by them (Number of activities in the same license is as per discretion of DED only and it can vary case to case).

Once all the above documents are submitted, DED will evaluate all documents validity and will issue payment vouchers. Once fee is paid, DED will issue respective licenses (out of 15 activities mentioned above).

Role of Instaco:

Instaco has helped several clients to set up a Dubai Mainland Information Technology Services license. Instaco will assist you during all stages of company formation in Dubai.

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